Artificial Intelligence: New Solution to an Old Problem

In manufacturing and equipment-run industries, one issue is always going to be reoccurring, machine downtime. It’s unavoidable and the longer machines are down, the more money is lost. A lack of time and expert technicians only makes the problem worse. NewForge has... Read More

Smart Glasses: The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Our focus at NewForge is helping industries do more with less. And the main tool in our arsenal is Augmented Reality (AR) software and hardware.    AR software is a powerful tool for industries looking to fight back against the ever-growing... Read More

How Manufacturing Companies Are Using AI And Augmented Reality to Address the Skills Gap

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Innovation In Manufacturing: Trends For 2024

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NewForge Knowledge Place: The New Face of Equipment Maintenance

In today’s manufacturing landscape, equipment downtime is more than it’s a challenge that disrupts operations and eats into profits.   The ongoing shortage of skilled workers and the growing complexity of machinery have only made the issue worse.   But what if... Read More

Top Manufacturing Industry Challenges & How NewForge Helps

The manufacturing industry has long faced a variety of challenges such as dwindling resources including time, people, and skills, increasing global competition, and rising manufacturing costs. NewForge is a system integrator and technology supplier of AR software that helps manufacturers... Read More