How It Works

Transforming Expertise: One Platform Combing the Power of AI, AR, & Human Collaboration

The 3 Pillars of NewForge

Reduce Downtime - Instant Help

Analytics to avoid future equipment downtime
Provide your team with reliable answers outside of service hours

Reliable & Speedy Troubleshooting

ExpertAI pulls from real-world knowledge sources
(PDFs, manuals, SOPs, recordings, past calls, & more)
Ask ExpertAI for help using plain, natural language
Receive content curated specifically for your team

Simple Knowledge Sharing

Bridge the skills gap: transfer & deliver vital knowledge when & where it’s needed, any time & anywhere in the world

How We Use Artificial Intelligence

  • Nobody wants to create work instructions. That’s why ExpertAI is here.
  • Simply input any real-world technical data:
  • SOPs
  • PDFs
  • Manuals
  • Recordings
  • Calls
  • & More!

    Prompt the AI & it uses the information you’ve given it to create clear instructions. These can then be sent to any mobile device for your frontline to follow.

    Capturing Knowledge Has Never Been Easier

    While it’s easy enough to upload any documentation that you already have to Knowledge Place, what about processes that are undocumented?

    We make it as easy as show & tell to capture your processes.

    Simply record your process with smartglasses or another mobile device & ExpertAI will transform those recordings into step-by-step instructions anyone else can use.

    Even better ExpertAI learns from the transcripts of calls to continuously learn.

    Accuracy Matters: ExpertAI’s Refinement Loop

    ExpertAI generates content based solely on provided information, avoiding random inaccuracies from external sources.

    With a built-in refinement loop, ExpertAI continually learns and improves, seeking feedback and adjusting based on interactions for accurate information presentation.

    Solution In Action

    Help Anytime, Anywhere

    When things go wrong, sometimes you just need to talk to another person. That’s why we also allow for live remote calls on Knowledge Place.

    Instead of waiting hours or days for an outside technician to be on-site at your business, remote support allows you to have immediate assistance.

    Our calling function simulates over-the-shoulder help, letting your staff get clear expert help anytime, anywhere.

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    Device Agnostic: A Solution to Meet Your Needs

    While we love smartglasses for the speed & clarity they bring, we understand that not everyone wants to use smartglasses.

    Knowledge Place can also be used on:

    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Desktops
    • & Laptops!

    Performance Unleashed: Tangible Results

    Our customers have achieved remarkable results with NewForge: 

    • Streamlined Processes
    • Minimized Equipment Downtime
    • Increase Profitability
    • Training Time Cut from Weeks to Days
    • Slashed Error Rates
    • Improved Quality
    • & Much More

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    We never sell your personal information, and give you controls over who has access

    We are committed to protecting your data from third parties. That’s why it’s our strict policy to never sell your personal information to anyone.