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Your Industry, Our Solutions: The Versatility and Impact of NewForge’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Augmented Reality (AR) Tech

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Case Study: Improving Customer Satisfaction

Bühler, a global supply chain company, utilized our platform and saw a 35% improvement in efficiency, saving them $30k a day. They also experienced a 55% reduction in travel expenses and a 22% uptick in customer support satisfaction.

Appliance Manufacturing: Streamlined Processes

Discover how NewForge’s Platform helped B/S/H Home Appliance Group reduce training time, boost quality, and increase productivity.

Explore the transformation that led to enhanced operations and decreased rework for B/S/H.

Transforming the Manufacturing Value Chain

We specialize in crafting AI & AR solutions that seamlessly integrate into diverse industries. Our solutions are designed to adapt and scale, enhancing productivity, streamlining processes, and empowering your workforce no matter what the industry.

Remote Support

Remote Assistance, Training, & Communication


Assembly, Manufacturing


Maintenance, Service, Inspection


Order Picking, 3PLs

Aerospace Manufacturing: Slashing Rework

An aerospace manufacturer implemented vision inspection systems to guarantee precision and quality in their components. Early defect detection slashed rework and improved overall product quality.

This upgrade also streamlined regulatory compliance and boosted customer satisfaction.

They reported a 41% reduction in completion time.

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Logistics: Reduce Errors by 99%

Experience a 35% increase in picking productivity and a 99% drop in errors with our vision-picking system.

Hands-free operation and intuitive interfaces reduced training time, while standardized processes enhanced productivity and inventory management.

Automotive: Increase Productivity

An automotive company successfully deployed remote assistance solutions across their service centers, utilizing smart glasses to offer real-time support to their on-site technicians.

This implementation led to faster issue resolution, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Industries We Transform:

Pioneering Solutions Across Sectors

Manufacturing and Industrial

Energy and Utilities

Construction and Engineering

Transportation and Logistics

Healthcare and Medical

& Much More!

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