Reduce the Chaos of Searching Through & Creating Technical Processes

Transforming Manufacturing Knowledge into Simple Steps

One Location: The Right Info at The Right Time

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Critical Information When & Where You Need It

In today’s shifting manufacturing landscape, it’s harder than ever to get critical information when and where it’s needed. With NewForge Knowlege Place, Information is captured and transferred into simple steps your frontline can follow anytime, anywhere.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

It’s Simple: 

  1. You Feed the Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Knowledge (Manuals, Schematics, Video & Voice Recordings, & More)
  2. It Crafts Clear Instructions Anyone Can Follow
  3. Upload to Any Mobile Device & Begin Working

Document & Share Manufacturing Knowledge

NewForge Knowledge Place is a first-of-its-kind platform that harnesses the power of AI & augmented reality (AR) to facilitate swift and accurate knowledge transfer.

Our expert-powered AI provides instant troubleshooting answers and seamlessly creates work instructions.

Connect with experts through Knowledge Place and get over-the-shoulder help anytime, anywhere. 

Case Study: Improving Customer Satisfaction

Bühler, a global supply chain company, utilized our platform and saw a 35% improvement in efficiency, saving them $30k a day. They also experienced a 55% reduction in travel expenses and a 22% uptick in customer support satisfaction.

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Take back control of your valuable resources

When your frontline isn’t successful … you’re not successful

Skills Gap ?

Our solutions seamlessly transfer knowledge without the hassle. Upskilling your frontline with ease.

Compromised Quality ?

Compromised Quality leads to jeopardizing customer satisfaction, costly rework, and ultimately undermining business success.

Inefficient Processes ?

Inefficient processes hinder productivity, increase costs & impede overall operational efficiency.

Enhanced Training

Upskill your workforce in days not weeks. Transfer tribal knowledge to your frontline.

Improved Quality Control

​Mistake-proof digital work instructions allow for more control over quality.

Streamlined Processes

Instead of relying on one person to memorize your processes, document and transfer into digital work.

The Gears Behind Your Success

Artificial Intelligence

Streamline the troubleshooting and work instruction creation process with AI.

Augmented Reality

AR enhances training, streamlines processes, & increases productivity.

Smart Glasses

While we are device agnostic, we love smart glasses for the clarity, speed, and directness they bring to industries in dire need of it.

Remote Support

Get expert help at any time from anywhere.

Scaling Success: Our Suite of Solutions

We provide a true end-to-end solution

Consult & Plan

We are considered experts at what we do We know exactly how to implement and coordinate new technology into your company.

Change Management

We help our clients manage the whole process of implementing new technology into their manufacturing or logistics facility.

Deploy & Train

At New Forge, deployment doesn’t just mean dropping off new equipment, we take a hands-on approach during our deployment process.

Customer Success

We help analyze any new technology implementations to ensure that they are improving your company.

Sign Up & Get the Help You Need

Instant Knowledge Transfer

NewForge Knowledge Place is the revolutionary new online platform that bridges the gap between equipment questions and expert answers.

ExpertAI: Transforming Challenges into Solutions

Knowledge Place provides ExpertAI, a powerful tool that uses generative artificial intelligence to give instant help. Not only does ExpertAI provide quick troubleshooting answers, but it also creates customized work instructions that capture and streamline processes.

Get Connected with Experts

Users can also connect with industry experts to get instant troubleshooting help. Through Knowledge Place’s augmented reality software, experts can not only see the issue but also give clear and concise assistance.

A Solution Trusted By

Frequently Asked Questions

NewForge can help your business by centralizing and streamlining knowledge transfer, improving work instruction creation, and boosting overall productivity through AI and AR-powered solutions.

NewForge takes security seriously and employs various measures to ensure that the platform is secure. These measures include data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits. Additionally, NewForge complies with industry standards for security and privacy, such as ISO 27001 and GDPR. 

Yes! We can integrate to data driven systems through 3 methods: API calls, Middleware, or Direct SQL.

Yes, the platform can be customized to fit your needs. New Forge can work with you to tailor the solution to meet your specific requirements, whether that includes integrating with other systems or developing custom features.

Featured Experts

Ryan L.

BSME | ISA - Certified Automation Professional | Rockwell Software - Certified PLC Programmer Inductive Automation's University Completion of 8.0 and 8.1.

Tom G.

Computer Engineer who runs an automation systems integration company, has successfully reverse engineered and supported a variety of complex assembly and inspection lines.

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