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Reduce Travel—Increase Uptime

New Forge can help reduce the time your experts travel, and increase uptime and customer satisfaction.

If you’re focused on the efficiency and uptime of your customers’ equipment, Remote Expert-assisted reality can help.

Reduce Scrap—Increase Effectiveness

End-of-quarter demand spikes? Assisted reality and smartglasses increase your effectiveness, quality and employee morale.

Whether you’re a finished-goods picking, a third-party logistics company, or assembling product, assisted reality enables your workforce to be hands-free while receiving the information they need.

End to End Process

We strive to reduce the headaches and roadblocks that onboarding new technology for your company can often bring.

Our process is designed to be a native integration with your company and your team to provide optimal success. We start by gaining clear visibility to your process, the issues you are facing, and then offer up a variety of solutions that we believe will best fit your company’s needs and budget. From assessment to implementation and final deployment and customer support, we provide a true end-to-end solution for YOU.





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Our solutions include:

Augmented Reality

Make the most of training employees by implementing an approach that’s both engaging and interactive. Augmented reality (AR) makes training easier and allows your employees to get a better understanding of the subject at hand. Augmented reality is also helpful for enhancing your company’s production with the use of smart glasses and other tools.

Smart Glasses

Do you need a more efficient way to manage inventory or fulfill customer orders from your manufacturing facility? If so, smart glasses are a viable option to make these processes and other processes faster, allowing for increased production. Contact a member of our team to learn more about this innovative technology.

Remote Support

Too many problems—not enough experts. Not having enough experts brings a lot of uncertainty when business stops and equipment is down. Our platform allows you to search for an expert, schedule an appointment, and solve the problem in real time, hands free. Contact us for more info.

We Help Businesses Operate More Efficiently

At New Forge Tech, we pride ourselves on providing solutions that address problems that allow businesses to operate at their full potential. From flaws in inventory management to issues that you may run into while processing your customers’ orders, our solutions will allow you to be proactive and successfully resolve problems.

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