What exactly is NewForge?

NewForge is a system integrator and value-added reseller of augmented reality (AR) software and smart glasses that is currently based out of Lake Wylie, South Carolina. We customize an end-to-end solution for the manufacturing and logistics industry from software customization and creation, integration, to frontline user acceptance training. As a TeamViewer Frontline Partner, we offer augmented reality software that revolutionizes the daily work of the deskless workforce. As the world’s first and fully integrated productivity solutions suite for the frontline worker, TeamViewer Frontline creates a truly connected workforce that is more productive and satisfied.

What is Augmented Reality vs. Assisted Reality?

Augmented Reality, often referred to as AR, is an interactive experience where real-life objects are enhanced with an overlay of computer-generated media. Picture Pokémon Go. Assisted Reality is a 2D overlay of your real-world environment, providing text instruction and images.

What are smart glasses?

Smart glasses are wearable technology that use AR to add information to what a viewer sees in the real world. Smart glasses give you the ability to be hands-free to work while getting vital information through the glasses.

Do I have to have smart glasses to use AR?

No! You can use a variety of technology with AR! A smartphone, tablet, or computer also work with AR; however, smart glasses give you and your workers the benefit of being hands-free while using AR.

How can AR help my company?

AR increases performance, quality, and accuracy. You can expect a decrease in machine downtime, enhanced collaboration, and documentation of knowledge transfer.


AR means more effective communication for you and your team. Unclear directions are a thing of the past with AR. With remote support, you and your team can communicate and help each other no matter where in the world. And our picking and manufacturing solutions makes completing tasks simple and quick.

Do smart glasses comply with safety standards?

The HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 are ANSI certified. In terms of a safety hazards, the display on the monocular devices can be moved out of your line of view. Bumpcaps, hardhat accessories are also available to keep your workers safe.

What makes your platform secure?

RealWear HMT-1 supports Android Enterprise security. SW Security: All aspects of our device software and communication is encrypted. The client-server connections, database connections, etc. Wifi Security: That which is available for the HW operating systems, generally WEP, WPA P, WPA E, WPA 2, Certificates, etc. The remote expert can see exactly what the person on-site sees and is able to provide instant, targeted feedback as well as instructions via video, audio, text, markers and document sharing. The solution can also be deployed on premise or in the cloud. Except for network connectivity, no further software or hardware is required.

Do smart glasses require WiFi?

Remote calls require internet access and adjust in quality according to bandwidth. Typically, the connectivity required can be provided by most guest networks or personal hotspots.

What types of KPI/metrics are available through the system?

Call logs and call analytics are available. For warehouses, picking performance indicators (number of picks, duration of the pick, etc are available. Additionally, task metrics like duration, task numbers, and many other datapoints are available. Please ask your NewForge representative to demo our analytics platform.

What is the average life expectancy of the hardware?

This depends on the hardware you’re using. Customers typically like to upgrade after a few years to keep up with technology. The average lifespan is around 3 years for hardware.

How can AR be used to verify location of the user?

This would depend on the hardware’s capability. If the hardware has GPS then you would be able to verify the user’s location. For example, HoloLens is capable of mapping a location. The other option would be to attach a QR location code to a workstation.

How often does the system need to be updated?

Quarterly or bi-annual. Notified if any updates, if on premise. If on cloud, then the system updates automatically.

What about integration? Can I integrate my smart glasses with other systems?

Yes, the system can be integrated to any other data-driven system such as ERP, MES or LMS. If you have work instructions stored in a different system, we’ll be able to pull from that system.

Is it possible to integrate with CMMS?

Yes, including integration to our call log, maintenance procedures, etc.

Can I put my logos and messaging on your portal and software?

Yes! White-labelling is a big part of what we do!

Can I buy smart glasses from NewForge or do I have to go directly to the manufacturer?

Yes! You can purchase Vuzix, RealWear and Glass (Google Glass) from us and have a single source for your entire solution.

Do you offer a training program?

Yes, we can train your staff remotely or on-site.