Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency with BühlerVision: A Remote Support Success Story

Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency with BühlerVision: A Remote Support Success Story

Executive Summary:

Discover how Bühler, a global leader in Manufacturing Equipment Building, revolutionized their customer support experience and achieved significant cost savings by implementing BühlerVision, a white-labeled remote support solution powered by NewForge. This white paper explores the challenges faced by Bühler, the solution implemented, the key benefits realized, and the impact on customer satisfaction and profitability.


Bühler is renowned for its innovative technologies that power the global food and mobility industries, serving billions of people daily. However, traditional support methods led to downtime, high travel costs, and inefficiencies. In response, Bühler sought a solution to enhance customer experience, reduce their carbon footprint, and improve employee satisfaction.

Bühler Sought Improvement in:
  • Minimizing downtime and delays due to technician travel
  • Reducing high expenses linked with travel and maintenance
  • Lowering their carbon footprint
  • Enhancing employee satisfaction
  • Improving customer support efficiency

Solution Implemented: BühlerVision Powered by NewForge

Bühler partnered with NewForge to implement BühlerVision, a whitelabeled remote support solution. This solution leverages smartglasses for real-time remote expert support, enabling engineers located anywhere to assist on-site technicians instantly.

Key Features of BühlerVision:
  • Real-time Remote Support: Engineers provide instant assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance to on-site technicians.
  • New Revenue Stream: Whitelabeled solution as BühlerVision, offering an additional service to customers and generating revenue.
  • Global Service Coverage: Engineers in Minneapolis now service all of North America and other regions, expanding reach and service capabilities.

Results and Impact:
  • Notable reduction in travel costs by 55%, resulting in significant savings.
  • Customer satisfaction increased by 22%, attributed to faster issue resolution and improved support experience.
  • Impressive 36% improvement in equipment uptime, leading to enhanced productivity and profitability.
  • Creation of a new revenue stream through BühlerVision, providing a competitive advantage.


Bühler’s adoption of BühlerVision powered by NewForge exemplifies innovation in manufacturing support. Through their partnership with NewForge, Bühler not only reduced costs and improved efficiency but also enhanced customer satisfaction and gained a competitive edge in the market.

About NewForge:

NewForge harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Augmented Reality (AR) to solve the age-old problem of not having the right knowledge when you need it.

Our platform, NewForge Knowledge Place, seamlessly bridges the gap between equipment experts and people in need of their knowledge, facilitating swift and accurate knowledge transfer.

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