Revolutionizing Work Procedures with NewForge Knowledge Place: A Case Study with B/S/H Home Appliance Group 

Revolutionizing Work Procedures with NewForge Knowledge Place: A Case Study with B/S/H Home Appliance Group 

 Executive Summary: 

B/S/H Home Appliance Group, a global leader in home appliances, faced challenges in training, work standardization, and quality enhancement. With traditional methods like job shadowing and minimal documentation, they found inefficiencies, errors, and a heavy reliance on tribal knowledge. Recognizing the need for a change, B/S/H implemented New Forge’s platform to transform their processes. This white paper explores how NewForge’s Platform has revolutionized B/S/H’s operations, leading to reduced training time, enhanced quality, increased productivity, and decreased rework. 

Use Case Summary: 

B/S/H Home Appliance Group leveraged NewForge’s technology to streamline training, standardize work procedures, enhance quality output, minimize rework, and boost overall productivity. This shift was vital in an industry where precision, efficiency, and quality are paramount. 

The previous process at B/S/H relied heavily on job shadowing, tribal knowledge, and minimal documentation. This resulted in: 

  • Lengthy and complex manual operations 
  • Minimal learning documentation or work instructions 
  • High dependency on tribal knowledge 
  • Challenges in maintaining consistency and quality across operations 

Introducing New Forge Platform: 

NewForge’s Platform brought a comprehensive solution to these challenges. The platform allowed B/S/H to: 

  •  Document and execute standardized work instructions 
  • Increase productivity through efficient workflows 
  • Decrease errors and rework by implementing error-proofing and automated checks 
  • Reduce dependency on tribal knowledge 
  • Simplify work operations, leading to shorter cycle times 

Benchmarking with Industry Standards: 

The implementation of the NewForge Platform aligned B/S/H with industry benchmarks, including: 

  • Robust training modules covering Quality (14Q), Safety, Onboarding, and Rotations 
  • Detailed documentation and work instructions for every process 
  • Error-proofing mechanisms and automated checks to maintain quality 
  • Reduced work operation complexity, resulting in shorter cycle times 

Benefits Realized: 

B/S/H Home Appliance Group witnessed a range of benefits after adopting  NewForge’s Platform: 

  •  Reduced Training Time: Employees could quickly onboard and understand processes. 
  • Enhanced Quality First Pass Yield (FPY): Quality improved due to standardized procedures. 
  • Reduced Rework: Errors decreased significantly, reducing wastage and time. 
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency: Workflows became streamlined, boosting overall output. 
  • Increased Visualization of Task Timing: Employees could better plan and execute tasks. 


B/S/H Home Appliance Group recognizes NewForge’s Platform as a game-changer in their operations. By adopting this solution, they have not only improved efficiency and quality but also set a benchmark for the industry. Scaling this process to additional locations promises further enhancements in operations and efficiency, making B/S/H a leader in innovation and productivity. 

About NewForge: 

NewForge’s Platform harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) to address the challenge of knowledge accessibility.  

NewForge Knowledge Place acts as a bridge between equipment experts and those in need of their knowledge. Through features like remote expert collaboration and AI-driven automation, it captures manufacturing knowledge and transforms it into simple, actionable steps.  

This intuitive approach ensures that the right knowledge is available when and where it’s needed, facilitating swift and accurate knowledge transfer across the organization. 

In Summary: 

B/S/H Home Appliance Group’s journey with NewForge’s Platform showcases a transformation from traditional, manual processes to a streamlined, efficient system. The benefits of reduced training time, enhanced quality, decreased rework, and increased productivity underscore the success of this implementation. As B/S/H continues to scale this approach, they are poised to lead the industry in operational excellence and innovation, setting a new standard for manufacturing processes. 

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