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Bühler, a global supply chain company, utilized our Assisted Reality platform and saw a 35% improvement in efficiency, saving them $30k a day. They also experienced a 55% reduction in travel expenses and a 22% uptick in customer support satisfaction.

Use Cases and Benefits

By embracing digital transformation and integrating advanced technologies into their operations, manufacturing companies can optimize their processes, enhance product quality, reduce costs, and create a workplace that fosters employee satisfaction. 

Automotive: Service Center-Remote Support

  • Deployment of remote assistance across service centers using smartglasses to provide real-time assistance to on-site technicians.
  • Solve Issues Faster for improved customer satisfaction

Aerospace Manufacturer: Vision Inspections

  • Implementation of vision inspection systems to ensure the quality and accuracy of aerospace components.
  • Early detection of defects reduces rework and scrap, improving product quality.
  • Enhanced quality documentation contributes to regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.

: Reported reduction in completion time by 41%.

Manufacturing Equipment Builder: Remote Support

  • Real-time remote expert support allows engineers located remotely to provide real-time assistance to on-site technicians to troubleshoot issues, provide guidance, and offer expertise.
  • Reduction in travel costs, increased equipment uptime, and faster issue resolution.
  • Faster commission of manufacturing equipment, improved customer satisfaction, and higher profitability.

Results: Notable reduction in travel by 55% and an impressive 36% improvement in equipment uptime and an overall savings of $30,000 a day.

Logistics and Distribution Sector: Vision Picking System

  • Increased picking productivity, improved accuracy, and reduced errors.
  • Hands-free operation and intuitive interfaces minimize operator training time.  
  • Standardized picking processes across operations enhance productivity, reduce errors, and optimize inventory management. 

Results: Reported increase in picking productivity by 35% and a remarkable 99% reduction in errors.

Overall Benefits

  • Higher Profit Margins: Digital transformation initiatives optimize processes, improve productivity, and reduce errors, leading to higher profit margins. 
  • Employee Retention: Adoption of advanced technologies creates an engaging work environment that attracts and retains skilled employees, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.

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