What We Do

Don’t be overwhelmed by new technology… let us help

With over 20 years of experience, New Forge has perfected its services for all clientele. We do not believe in just telling you what to do. Instead, we take a very hands-on approach to give you the most customized experience for optimal success.

Here is a walk-through of what we do, step-by-step:

Change Management

We help our clients manage the whole process of implanting new technology into their actual manufacturing facility.

Usage Focus

We know that our technology will be used on a daily basis in your company. It is because of this knowledge that we focus so heavily on how it will help enhance your business and not just how creative the technology is.

Technical Consulting

We are considered experts at what we do. We know exactly how to implement and coordinate new technology into your company. We will work to do this through invasive consulting to ensure we implement the proper solution.


Our deployment process is not just dropping off new equipment or training classes. We actually come in to do a very hands-on approach in where we go through everything step-by-step to be sure we get it right.

Customer Success

New technology is fantastic, but you need to be sure it is truly benefiting your company in the long run. We will help analyze any new technology implementations to ensure that they are improving your company. We will also monitor and follow up with any further adjustments.

Technical Support

After we have completed the training and executing stage, we are still available to your company to make sure that your new technology process is valid and working correctly.


We are available through the training process to help your employees get comfortable and familiar with all new technology.