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First-of-its-kind platform where technical experts share their equipment knowledge on-demand, powered by AI and AR.

Our expert-powered AI provides instant troubleshooting answers and seamlessly creates work instructions.

Explore our database of technical experts and effortlessly schedule a call for remote help.

Case Study: Improving Customer Satisfaction

Bühler, a global supply chain company, utilized our AI & AR platform and saw a 35% improvement in efficiency, saving them $30k a day. They also experienced a 55% reduction in travel expenses and a 22% uptick in customer support satisfaction.
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Our Experts

We only work with the top 3% of experts. Get real time assistance with our top of the field experts in:

As an expert, get paid for the knowledge you already have and support technicians through live calls and work instructions.

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Reduce Machine Downtime With One Click

Reduce travel costs up to 55% and boost uptime by 36% with NewForge Knowledge Place.

  • Get instant expert support from ExpertAI & live experts
  • Resolve technical issues swiftly
  • Save time and prevent production downtime

Featured Experts

Ryan L.

BSME | ISA - Certified Automation Professional | Rockwell Software - Certified PLC Programmer Inductive Automation's University Completion of 8.0 and 8.1.

Tom G.

Computer Engineer who runs an automation systems integration company, has successfully reverse engineered and supported a variety of complex assembly and inspection lines.

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