Augmented Reality

The Power of AR and Wearable Computing

One of the most exciting new technologies New Forge provides for its customers is Augmented Reality products that provide a desk-free, hands-free work experience throughout the entire value-process. Augmented reality is a technology that has the ability to superimpose a computer-generated image straight in front of the user’s view.

New Forge is a system integrator and technology supplier of AR software and hardware. We customize a full-service AR solution for the manufacturing and logistics industry using TeamViewer Frontline Solutions.

Customizable AR Solutions

As a TeamViewer Frontline Partner, we offer customizable augmented reality software that revolutionizes the daily work of the deskless workforce. TeamViewer Frontline creates a connected workforce that is efficient and productive.


Order Picking


Maintenance, Service, Inspection


Assembly, Manufacturing


Remote Assistance, Training, and Communication

Improved Efficiency–Hands Free

The Frontline products have revolutionized how we do business. By adding augmented reality into the manufacturing execution systems, warehouse management systems, and manufacturing information systems, employees can perform more efficiently at a higher caliber.

Technological features include:

Task Orientation

Workers can easily rotate shifts and switch between tasks with ease.

Centralized Management

All workflow modules can be accessed and managed on the same central portal.

Consolidated Management

Supervisors can manage teams and projects together in one place.

Shared Visibility

Workers will have the same visibility to processes and possible issues as the rest of the team.

Highly Customizable

Frontline Creator provides easy customization, reporting and analytics to optimize every aspect of your business.